Stonehenge Tour

Stonehenge Tour

Renowned for our executive travel The Chauffeur Car Service also provides luxury car hire for all your leisure needs. We can transport you in style to the UK’s leading tourist destinations, and one of our favourites is Stonehenge. One of our experienced drivers will collect you and your party for a day out visiting the site, and remain on standby should you have a hotel booked or other arrangements.

Going on a Tour of Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is a mystical prehistoric stone monument located in the countryside of Wiltshire. It is one of the most famous historical places of interest in the world, which experts believe dates back as far as 3000 BC. This means it was built before language was written and history was actively recorded. Because of its place in history there is a lot of speculation about its true purpose, and there is no exact explanation about how it was constructed.

We know the monument itself was – at a time – partly used as a large burial ground that originally existed as a circular ditch without any stones, that contained animal bones used in ritual. Human bone has also been discovered giving rise to this idea. Over time it slowly developed in to a more prominent site, first with timber, and eventually with the massive stone structure that is still visible today. In total there were 30 standing stones with capstones on top, arranged in a circle, and 5 great inner structures each made of 3 stones.

Today only 3 of the inner structures remain fully intact, and about half of the outer circle still exists. Outside the circle is a “heel stone.”

As well as a tourist attraction the site is still revered by the Druid religion, who perform rituals on occasions like the Summer Solstice.

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